Pupils in Steiner upper secondary schools can study in a creative, meaningful and motivating way. The studies provide a good foundation for further studies.


Thanks to an individual approach to teaching, no student is lost in the crowd, but everyone can find their own paths that work best for them.


Steiner upper secondary schools are part of the national joint application system at


Steiner upper secondary schools are special upper secondary schools where theory and practice come together. Pupils can study, e.g., bookbinding, architecture, poetry, ceramics, physical exercise, eurhythmy and drama. By feeding creativity, studies can progress at a reasonable pace without excessive stress. Upper secondary schools can also be completed in four years, which helps pupils prepare for the tests of the matriculation examination.


Steiner upper secondary school graduates are well-prepared for further studies. Graduates are crowned with a student hat, a sign of their general knowledge, in addition to being equipped with life skills, all-round competencies and memorable experiences. Steiner upper secondary schools have their own, fine rites of passage. In addition to a formal prom (“vanhojen tanssit”) and “penkkarit”, customs include a camp in Lapland, a play, a cultural historical school camp and a final project.