Early Childhood Education
and Care and Pre-primary Education


Steiner day care centres give a big role to the small things in life. The world of children is full of tiny miracles. Children notice even the smallest creatures and natural events. Given the time to investigate and wonder at their surroundings, children connect with their environment with their whole being and out of personal desire and interest.


This serves as an excellent foundation for building future learning.

Children in Steiner day care centres enjoy an unhurried atmosphere that resembles a home. The aim is to keep group sizes small. Facilities are made aesthetically beautiful. Children’s senses are nourished using colours, scents and various materials.


Daily routines at Steiner day care centres are based on rhythms that support life. A familiar, repetitive rhythm makes a small child feel secure and gradually gives life a logic and structure. The weekly schedule includes baking, music, painting and other art, handicraft, eurythmy, trips to the forest and tending the home or yard together. Play is given plenty of room and value.